The foundation for 500 m3 cryogenic storage tank for "Cryogenmash-Gas" is completed

Installation-supervisor engineer of the tank vendor has arrived to the city of Tomsk to inspect the quality of the foundation and to control the installation procedure, start-up and commissioning of the tank at the site.

The foundation has been poured and set, the pre-assembly of the inner and outer parts of the cryogenic vessel is complete: the roof, bottom and housing are awaiting installation. 

Installation works for the pre-assembled parts are underway at site. The installation works will go on in the following order:

- installation of the outer bottom of the vessel to the foundation;

- installation of the foamed glass blocks, that serve as a thermo-insulation and a bed for the inner tank itself;

- installation of the inner tank to the foundation установка внутренней емкости на теплоизолирующем основании;

- installation of the outer housing to the concrete foundation.

Upon completion of vessel installation to the foundation, the pipelines, control and block valves, components, service walkways and ladders are attached.

Installation is topped off with acceptance testing. This includes testing the vessel structure for rigidness and integrity (pneumatic and hydraulic testing of the inner tank and pneumatic testing of the housing and pipelines), control of foundation and glass foam bed under load, vacuum testing of the welding seams of the inner tank bottom and capillary testing of the weld seam between the housing and bottom of the outer vessel.


Finishing up and complex testing come next. The reservoir is partially filled with cryoproduct and cooled down until the inner tank is at the operating temperature. The reservoir is then considered fully operational.