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Cryogenic storage systems and liquid cryogenic products gasifiers

GazSurf company offers to supply cryogenic systems for storing and gasifying liquid cryogenic products, designed for receiving, long-term storing with minimal loss, gasification through production atmospheric gasifiers and consumer distribution of such products.

Gasifiers are designed individually to adopt to each customers’ individual needs and requirements to optimize various cryogenic reservoirs that are employed and operated in each case. Gasifiers are totally autonomous in their process and do not require any source of additional heat as they utilize the heat of the ambient atmosphere.

An important feature of the gasifiers is an automated level of product distribution that the gasifier adheres to and upholds.

Cryogenic valves

GazSurf also offers to supply valves designed to operate at cryogenic temperatures to appeal to the needs of cryogenic production.

Cryogenic valves’ purpose is to regulate and direct different process streams of cryogenic liquids (such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon and LNG) and gases in air separation units, stationary and transport reservoirs and at pipelines.

Cryogenic valves are designed and manufactured to provide efficiency, reliability and a long service life.

Construction material: stainless steel, brass (copper-zinc alloy).

Operating temperatures: from minus 196 up to 1200 С.

Cryogenic valves are available with a variety of different input and output connections size and types: welding type, flanged, screw-on, etc.

Cryogenic pumps

GazSurf facilitates supply of cryogenic pumps to suit our Customers’ needs and requirements

  • Centrifugal cryogenic pumps
  • Reciprocating cryogenic pumps

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