GazSurf performs design work at all stages of construction and reconstruction of industrial gas processing, associated petroleum gas utilization, LNG production and air separation facilities.

Practical experience in developing technical and design solutions allows GazSurf specialists to implement modern and efficient production technologies, providing a high level of industrial and environmental safety, improve the quality of oil and gas products and improve energy efficiency.

Design documentation, developed by GazSurf specialists, obtains a positive conclusion from the State expert appraisal and is subsequently successfully implemented at industrial sites.

GazSurf is a member of SRO and is admitted to work that affects the safety of capital construction projects, including particularly hazardous and technically complex capital construction projects (except for nuclear energy).

Our advantages:

  • Availability of high-class specialists in the field of gas processing, associated petroleum gas utilization, LNG production and air separation.
  • Combining the best engineering approaches of equipment manufacturers and quality adaptation of their experience to the standards of the Russian Federation.
  • Use of the best foreign and domestic CAD tools.

3D designing

Initial data collection and project structuring:

Input data

  • Data on equipment (weights, dimensions, pipe connection points, electrical connections, maintenance space).
  • Data on the construction site (general plan, engineering surveys, in case of reconstruction — analysis of the existing documentation, laser scanning)
  • Data on the points of connection to the existing networks and their coordination
  • Data on automation and the need to integrate into the overall system
  • Specific data depending on the section

Project structuring

  • Naming rules for files, drawings, equipment, piping, and other model elements
  • Structuring of folders on the server
  • Creating shared data environment and access levels

Development of the installation and process flowchart of the process

The scheme shows:

  • equipment
  • tapping points
  • pipelines
  • flow directions
  • insulation
  • shutoff and control valves
  • pipeline components (transitions, plugs, etc.)
  • instrumentation
  • instrumentation lines
  • pipeline crossings to other scheme sheets
  • designation of all elements

Layout of equipment, pipelines, adjacent sections

The layout in 3D allows:

  • rational placement of equipment and fittings
  • view the situation or site from different sides
  • Design adjacent sections in parallel
  • Identify conflicts earlier and propose solutions
  • generate tasks for the adjoining sections

Issue calculation tasks

The 3D model allows you to:

  • issue calculation tasks for steel structures with specified loads from equipment, pipelines directly to the calculation program and quickly make changes
  • issue tasks for strength and hydraulic calculations of pipelines
  • other related calculations
  • ventilation calculations
  • Lighting calculations, etc.

Issue drawings of different sections on the basis of common 3D model.

3D model allows:

  • obtain working drawings for all sections on the basis of a common model
  • obtain sections, sections automatically
  • get markings and dimensions, associated with the model, and updated when changed
  • the point cloud can be used in drawings

Downloading of specifications of different sections

3D model allows:

  • upload an automatically generated specification from the model for each section
  • if a model element changes, the specification is changed automatically
  • unload data for a variety of reports with a request for any object properties

Associated petroleum gas treatment plant “KEN-SARY”


Gas fractionation unit capacity increase at Minnibaevskaya GPP

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