Real-life experience of finding technical and design solutions enables «GazSurf» specialists to adopt effective and innovative processes ensuring adherence to high standards of industrial safety and environmental care as well as providing high quality of oil and gas products.

The process designs developed by «GazSurf» engineers are positively evaluated by State Expertise and are then implemented at the manufacturing facilities. "GazSurf" is a member of SRO NP "ExpertProekt" № SRO-P-182-062.5 of 15.03.2016 and NP "ExpertStroy" SRO-S-265-016.3 of 15.03.2016.

On top of that, "GazSurf" is licensed to install, technically service and maintain firefighting and detection systems License № 77 - B/02 992 of 06.11.2015.