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"Surgutneftegas" nitrogen generation station maintenance

Location — Khanty-Mansyisk Autonomous Region, Russia
Facility — Nitrogen production station
Capacity — 90 tons a day of liquid Nitrogen
Scope of works — Maintenance
Customer — PAO "Surgutneftegas"
Year — 2016

In due course of SOPC KDON-1500-1650/50Y air separation unit and YPN-2200 nitrogen liquefier the units were serviced and diagosed. Gazsurf field engineers have also performed technical service on the air separation unit compressor equipment.

Scope of compressor equipment:

  • Cameron ТА6000 feed compressor;
  • Cameron ТАЕ50RC booster circulation compressor;
  • Cameron ТА6000 nitrogen compressor.
  • Nitrogen production station covers Surgutneftegas requirements for liquid nitrogen and oxygen. Station production capacity reaches 90 tons of liquid nitrogen a day.