"Associated petroleum gas - 2017" conference materials

Michael Boldyrev, Head of the «GazSurf» Gas Processing Dept. delivered a presentation at the 8th International Conference «APG - 2017», held by CREON Energy company.

The 8th International Conference «APG 2017», organized by CREON Energy company, was held in Moscow on the 21st of March. The event was supported by WWF Russia and «Russian Gas Society», while «Communications» agency acted as a strategic partner and a general information sponsor title was awarded to «Oil Russia» magazine.

At the first glance the situation in local APG segment seems to be quite tranquil: the companies continue to develop their responsible approach, thus the level of utilized APG keeps growing. As a result of these measures APG more often becomes a main product instead of a secondary one. However, a closer inspection with a scornful eye reveals that the matters are not as trouble-free and not everywhere there is a bliss. Last year’s seemingly positive figure of 87% of processed APG is deceitful: there is definitely a lot of APG processing taking place in the central part of Russia and far less in Siberia. Oil producers are dissatisfied: advanced technologies are either absent in the distant fields of the more recent oil and gas producing regions or are unsuitable for the specific needs and requirements of the engineering companies. A solution to overcome these hardships could be a helping hand from the governing authorities that may consider swapping their sticks to carrots in an approach to tackle the APG issues.

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