"GazSurf" field engineers have successfully started up the cryogenic pumps at the Izhora plant

"GazSurf" field engineers have successfully performed start up and commissioning works on the cryogenic pumps that are part of the technical gases station of the Izhora plants ("Cryogenmash-Gas" Ltd.). The Customer for the project is "Cryogenmash".

Equipment scope:

Fives Cryomec cryogenic pumps, models: LPRP-65/32, LPRP-65/32, ZP 170-6-DC-CB-LABS-V; ZP 170-6-DC-CB-LABS-V, ZP 170-2,5-DC-CB-LABS-V.

ACD Cryo cryogenic pumps, models: RPB 25/20, RPB 25/20, TC 30FC-1x2x6-2S, ТC 30FC-1x2x6-2S, TC 30FC-1x2x6-2S.