"GazSurf" has completed technical maintenance of Kirishi GRES compressor equipment

"GazSurf" service engineers have completed yearly technical maintenance of Kirishi power plant compressors - PAO "OGK-2" (Kirishi, Leningrad region).

The following equipment was serviced as a part of booster compressor station, instrument air and nitrogen station:

GD screw type compressors ESP45 model (2 units);

GD screw type compressor VS45 model;

INMATECH membrane air treatment unit MN 1450 model;

GD adsorption dryer model AM0650M;

GD carbon absorber AKC 550 and magisterial filters;

DELVA NORMA screw type compressors 30-10 (2 units);

Donaldson HED 0225 SPUC adsorption dryer;


Cameron booster compression unit 1R1MSGPB-3ARC2G/30 (2 units).