"GazSurf" outbid competitors in RUSAL tender for air cooling and purification unit

"GazSurf" came first at a bid competition for the supply of modular air treating unit (dehydration and purification) in a container prefabricated mode for the "SUAL-Kremniy-Ural" Ltd (a subsidiary of RUSAL).

The scope of supply will include two absorption dehydrators and two compressed air coolers manufactured to external installation requirements. GazSurf field engineers will also participate in the installation, start up and commissioning phase of the project.

The equipment will be manufactured based on the production design issued by the "GazSurf" design department engineers. 


"SUAL-Kremniy-Ural" Ltd (a subsidiary of RUSAL holding) specializes in technical and purified silicon production. The plant’s production capacity is 27 000 tones a year.