"GazSurf" started yearly scheduled maintenance of Adler Power Plant

"GazSurf" service engineers have started yearly maintenance works on gas compressors and engineering auxiliary equipment at Adler Power Pant compressor station, including spare parts and consumables delivery. 


Besides other tasks, engineers will perform vibration diagnostics and provide recommendations for optimal equipment operations.

Adler Power Plant compression equipment:

1. Cameron gas turbo compressors (4 units) 2R2MSGPB-3RC2G/30 1300 kW each.

2. Gardner Denver screw compressors (4 units) for instrument air station.

3. Dearling screw compressors (2 units) for methane-nitrogen station.

Air treatment:

1. GDAN0850M dryers (2 units)

2. IMT-MN1450 nitrogen units (2 pcs)

3. GDW water oil separator (1 unit)


4. GD mesh strainers.