"GazSurf" has commissioned an Air Separation unit as a part of Tokamak T-15 experimental facility upgrade

As a part of Tokamak T-15 upgrade, GazSurf field engineering team has successfully started up and commissioned an air separation unit. 

Development of an advanced air separation unit (ASU for short) with a capacity of 1 ton per hour of liquid nitrogen and oxygen is a part of an effort of upgrading cryogenic systems of Tokamak T-15 thermonuclear facility. 

Liquid nitrogen product of the ASU is essential for helium liquefier and screening of liquid helium pumps that are a part of additional plasma heating section.

Besides benefiting the Tokamak facility, liquid Nitrogen produced by the ASU will be used by other facilities of Kurchatov Institute Science and Research Centre.

Start up and commissioning of the SAU was managed by a Russian engineering company GazSurf. 

Currently a major upgrade of Tokamak-15 facility is underway. The facility is to become a base for thermonuclear and hybrid energy systems of the future.

The upgraded facility commissioning is to be launched in 2018.


Tokamak-15 experimental thermonuclear facility was initially launched back in 1988 and is still one of the largest experimental thermonuclear units internationally.

A unique feature of the facility is the longest superconducting niobium-tin toroidal magnet.

Tokamak Т-15 experiments played an important part in the development of superconducting current-carrying constructions, diagnosis methods and a powerful source of additional heating such as microwave heating and neutral atom cluster heating techniques.