Technical maintenance of air separation unit at Caspian Flat Glass (CFG)

"GazSurf" has completed maintenance works on KDN-2410/180Y air separation plant – a part of technical gases (Nitrogen and Hydrogen) production station at Caspian Flat Glass plant near Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan.

The air separation unit produces Nitrogen in gaseous and liquid form. Nitrogen gas is a part of protective atmosphere at the tin bath of CFG. It is also utilized for cooling the sensors and equipment inside the furnace.

During yearly maintenance the coldbox was defrosted, cooling and cleaning module, valves and fittings, air coolers, sensors, instrumentation and the control system were duly serviced.


To keep the continuous operation of the glass factory, liquid Nitrogen from the emergency storage was used. This back up system functioned just as designed and proved itself a valuable engineered solution. Upon completion of maintenance and service works, the ASU resumed normal operation, providing gaseous nitrogen for the plant.