GazSurf at international East Russia Oil and Gas Forum

Alexandra Bocharova, the Head of the “GazSurf” and Michael Boldyrev, Head of the «GazSurf» Gas Processing Dept attended East Russia Oil and Gas Forum which was held in Vladivostok at 4-5th of July 2018.

East Russia Oil and Gas Forum is dedicated to major and strategic O&G projects across the the Krasnoyarsk territory to Sakhalin region: development of oil and gas fields, such as Kovykta and Chayanda, construction of Amur Gas Processing Plant, Eastern Oil and Gas Company, the Power of Siberia, LPG terminal in the port of Vladivostok, the Chona project, establishment of Vankor Oil and Gas cluster and Zvezda Ship-building complex, development of Sakhalin gas extraction center, establishment of helium hub, offshore exploration and extraction projects, and a lot more.