"Ken-Sary" associated petroleum gas treating station

Republic of Kazakhstan
Associated Petroleum Gas treating station
150 mln scm/year of feed gas
NGL – up to 50 thousand tons/Year; dry stripped gas – up to 120 mln scm/year
Production Field
Scope of works
Concept engineering, design, equipment supply, supervision of installation, start up and commissioning
ТОО «Ken-Sary» subsidiary of Korean National Oil Corporation

150 scm / year complex gas treating station scope of equipment:

1. Compressor station based on Ariel type JGK/4 reciprocating gas compressors driven by Waukesha L7044 gas engines (2 operational, 1 reserve). Capacity 15000 scm/hour @ 6 Mp.

2. Glycol regeneration skid with glycol circulation capacity of  0,9 scm/hr.

3. Chiller system of 1200 kW based on 2 GEA 400GLE compressors 261 kW each.

4. Low-temperature separation skid hydrocarbon dew-point of minus 11 0С.

5. Fractionating skid. Production capacity – up to 50 thousand tons NGL per year; – up to 120 mln scm of dry stripped gas per year.

6. Flare system skid. Capacity of 21000 scm/hr.

7. NGL storage and shipping terminal. Capacity of 1600 scm.

8. Instrument air and nitrogen production skid. Capacity 30 scm of nitrogen /hour, 200 scm of air /hour.

9. Complex control system.